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The Strong Start curriculum is a brief, practical program designed for promoting social and emotional learning of young children. Two versions are available: one for children ages 3-5, and one for children in grades K-2. Because Strong Start is designed to be both a prevention and early intervention program, it has a wide range of applications, and may be used effectively with high functioning, typical, at-risk, or emotionally-behaviorally disordered children, and in a variety of settings. Strong Start includes 10 lessons, which take approximately 35 minutes per lesson to teach, and may be conducted by a teacher or support service professional. The lessons are fun, activity-based, and utilize popular children's literature to help emphasize main concepts.  The 10 lessons are listed as follows, along with their main purpose:

Lesson Number and Title Main Purpose
1. The Feelings Exercise Group Introduce students to the Strong Start curriculum
2. Understanding Your Feelings 1 Teach students to name basic feelings
3. Understanding Your Feelings 2 Teach students appropriate ways
to express feelings
4. When You're Angry Teach students to manage anger
and helpful ways of handling anger
5. When You're Happy Teach students to feel happy and
to use positive thinking
6. When You're Worried Teach students to manage anxiety,
worry, and fear
7. Understanding Other
    People's Feelings
Teach students how to identify
others' feelings
8. Being a Good Friend Teach students basic communication and friendship-making skills
9. Solving People Problems Teach students to solve problems with others
10. Finishing UP! Review of major concepts in the
Strong Start curriculum

In addition to these 10 basic lessons, Strong Start also includes a two-part "booster," designed to help re-teach and reinforce the main curriculum concepts several weeks after the completion of the last lesson. The Strong Start manual includes all the materials that are needed to teach the lessons.